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Blueprints for Growth

Each identified gifted student has an Advanced Learning Plan, or ALP, to guide the student and his/her teacher(s) toward meaningful learning opportunities. The ALP specifies what the student will learn and how appropriate educational options will be provided. The school/district gifted coordinator works with the student, parent/guardian, and classroom teacher(s) to develop the ALP and update goals annually.

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Advanced Learning Plans: Admissions


Each SC BOCES member district uses a common electronic platform to develop, store, and monitor progress on ALPs. To learn more about the Colorado Department of Education's guidance on ALPs, click here. ALPs are updated annually with new goals. Contact your school/district coordinator if you need an updated copy of your student's ALP.


How was the student identified?

Summarizes the body of evidence that led to the student's identification and the areas in which the student is identified. May also include student interests and other areas of strength.


Who created this plan?

Provides evidence of parent/family engagement and lists the date of creation and team members (teachers, student, gifted personnel) involved in writing the ALP.


What will the gifted student learn?

The annual ALP update includes writing at least one new standards-based academic goal and one new affective goal. Goals should address student strengths and be interesting and motivating to the student.


How do we know if the
goals are reached?

Specifies the timeline for evaluating student progress on goals and provides to include progress reports.

Advanced Learning Plans: List
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