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The established process for dispute resolution regarding gifted identification or programming issues in South Central BOCES is as follows:

  • Disagreements regarding decisions or practices of the school/district gifted education team should first be referred for review, verbally or in writing, to the school principal and school/district gifted education representative 

  • If not resolved at the district level, disagreements may be referred to the Administrative Unit by submitting a written request for review to the South Central BOCES Gifted Lead

  • The Gifted Lead, working with the SC BOCES Executive/Special Education Director, will convene a review team composed of knowledgeable gifted education representatives from other AU districts to review concerns and documentation (e.g. Body of Evidence, ALP)

  • The review team will make a determination related to the disagreement, including recommendations to meet the student’s needs, and report back within 10 school days from the day the written request was received by the South Central BOCES Gifted Lead.

  • A written letter of determination and recommendations will be mailed to the parent/guardian, principal, superintendent, and district gifted education representative

Dispute Resolution: List
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